I’m so exited to share my story about how I grew in to being a better person, concentrating on what makes us all happier – reading quotes to empower my everyday.
I came from a different world in the professional aspect, used to have my own Brand of clothes that I have designed and manufacture in my hometown Tel-Aviv.I have a diploma in Fashion (B.D) Shenkar.
Nowadays, I’m growing …. Getting back to my roots
Spirituality came back to my life.
Born in France…. Provence
Spent some of my childhood in the Caribbean - HAITI and Grew up in Jerusalem.
Growing up in Jerusalem gave me a special way to see the good in every person and respecting all religions. Of course my mother had a lot to do with that since she has taught me to be kind to every human and to respect the elderly.  
The fact that I used to travel the world with my family had a great influence. I have seen many places and since I was a child I moved so much.
It made me believe deep inside that I will be able to live everywhere my heart will desire.
I have a goal = I want to spend my life in a good environment,
Having a good & healthy relationship with my partner and
Preparing to have my first child :)
Deciding every day to welcome new adventures, to be able to handle with everything that comes in my way (good or bad)
I choose to be happy and still see the good in people.
I believe that we all should concentrate in Respecting Life \ Respecting Yourself.  You will Respect People and they will Respect You.
That’s why the collections are all about the special gifts 4 those you love (your parents, your partner, your children, your friends …)  
Positive events in our lives – New life – Newborn gifts for baby showers, special gifts that makes you appreciate the little things.
Exploring new horizons.
The Cosmos effect on our lives.
Remember to Enjoy your life!
You can contact me at:
+972 54 5579797
  Deboutin Karen